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We provide a full range of digital services

Our services are in four main areas; creative, development, marketing and consultancy.

Web design and creative services

Our award winning web designers and creative team can create stunning website designs that will reflect your brand aspirations and deliver quantifiable results.

Unlike many web design agencies, who base their design efforts on pre-existing templates, we offer our clients a comprehensive choice of the digital experience that they wish to deliver. Our designs are not based on any templates and we can offer either responsive or adaptive mobile and tablet design. Responsive web design uses the desktop design and re-positions the content into a single column. Certain elements can be omitted or changed for the mobile view and font sizes can be scaled to suit. With adaptive web design, the mobile and tablet views can be entirely bespoke, bearing little or no relation to the desktop view.

So, how does a website design produce quantifiable results?

Through intelligent access to information, designed to reduce visitor input, increase user engagement and increase the conversion rate of the website. Our web designers are more than graphic designers; they will consider all aspects of your website's requirements in order to create the optimum user journeys and visitor experience.

In addition to web design, our creative services include illustrations and animations, which can be incorporated in your web design or used in videos and / or printed material.

We also produce branding, from logo design to full brand guide production and collateral for both print and web.

Web development

Our web developers are all based at our UK HQ and we do not outsource development work. Whether your project is a website that can be powered by a CMS (content management system) or is either in part or in full, a bespoke requirement, our in-house web developers can deliver the required solution.

For content managed websites, we can offer most CMS solutions, although the most exciting and innovative solution is iCentric. Why?, because iCentric lets you manage multiple websites from one dashboard, has full e-commerce built in, provides a built-in asset library for all of your digital assets and lets you manage your social media channels and email campaigns.

For bespoke or custom requirements, we can develop applications from scratch or can extend the functionality of an existing platform to meet your needs. We guarantee all of our work and can carry out development in planned phases, letting you get your software on-line at the earliest opportunity.

SEO and digital marketing

Our marketing team offers expertise in PPC and paid advertising, search engine optimisation, email marketing, social media management and marketing, PR monitoring, analytics and conversion rate optimisation.

The cheapest and quickest means of getting your product or service to market, is via the digital channels. Depending on your business, certain channels will be more effective than others and our marketing team will help you understand the different channels and the benefits that they offer.

One element of marketing that is of paramount importance to all businesses, is the measurement of efforts, costs and results. We will provide all of the methods of tracking and measuring digital activities and can provide you with easy to understand summaries, taken from the wealth of data that would otherwise have to be analysed each month. Based on analysis, we will also provide recommendations for your ongoing digital activities.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is undoubtedly the optimum route to market in terms of promoting visibility for your products and services and representing your brand strength. Paid search engine advertising (PPC), will provide instant and comprehensive visibility in search engines but may significantly affect your margins.

Social media channels offer excellent opportunities for growth but require continuous monitoring to ensure that potentially negative factors are averted.

Email campaigning is an extremely cost effective method of marketing and can be combined as part of an integrated marketing campaign. Our design team can create stunning emails templates, which will work on phones and tablets.

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services include needs analysis, specification, user testing, experience management, site audits and service level agreements.

delivering a successful project, requires that accurate and comprehensive specifications are produced. To produce these, we undertake needs analysis in the first instance. Needs analysis lets us get to the heart of your business requirements for the website. When can categorise requirements into 'must haves', 'should haves' and 'would likes'. When the requirements are agreed, the specification will be created, with site maps, flow charts and functionality all documented.

At the earliest stage possible, we recommend utilising third party user testing. To carry out the tests, we will first produce navigable prototypes of the website. We will then set tasks for the testers. Finally, we profile the test agents for selection. We can select their country of residence, age group, gender, income range, web experience and the device that they will use to test the site. The results are provided in the form of a video of their screen movements together with their audio commentary. These results can provide invaluable insight into how users view and interact with the website and may influence revisions at an early stage.

Experience management takes user testing a stage further and helps to identify different requirements for different types of user. Once the user types are profiled and their requirements quantified, techniques are incorporated into the website to identify profiles and automatically deliver any of the content or other requirements.

Regular site audits can help to identify any issues with usability, or navigation and most importantly, can help avert any issue which may adversely affect search engine rankings.

Service Level Agreements help provide your business with a budgeted cost to host, maintain and upgrade your website over time. Digital technologies are continually evolving and it is necessary to ensure that your website works on newly released browsers and devices, that your designs are refreshed and that your website functionality is ahead of your competitors.

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Our approach

1. Initial Consultancy

We listen to your requirements and share our expertise

2. Strategic Planning

We produce a coherent business case, driven by KPI’s

3. Visual Design Concept

We produce wire-frames and design concepts and then bring them to life

4. Technical Development

We configure your iCentric platform and carry out custom development to suit your requirements

5. User Experience Management

We help shape every user journey and exploit every potential conversion

6. User Testing & Feedback

We conduct live user testing to identify any potential areas for improvement

7. LIVE Launch

The development goes live, the journey begins

8. Review & Evolution

Ensuring an optimal user experience across all touch points, over time

Our results tell the story

10,000 Client Google Page 1's daily, 1,000,000 Client website visitors weekly, 100,000,000 client web pages served yearly.

We have enjoyed working with major national and global brands since 2003.

We also work with small businesses and start-ups and have played a part in some amazing success stories.

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We are an award winning digital agency

Our innovation builds brands, generates leads and boosts online sales for our clients.

Our awards and accreditations, reflect our commitment to providing excellent service and results for our clients.

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